Monday, August 3, 2009

Looking to remodel or build? Why not create added income with your home.

A new addition...ahhh. Extra space, new bathroom, separation from teenagers, additional rental income - the reasons for building an addition are endless.

When considering a remodel or addition, think first about how the improvements will increase the livability of your home and how can it increase your property value. Many of us are not thinking about buying a home right now. Sorry Hayley! One way we can improve on the investment of our home is to do things that will increase its property value. If your home currently has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a bathroom addition would be a very smart choice. The additional bath would bring the home to a bedroom/bathroom 3/2 ratio that most home buyers are looking for. Or better yet, if that additional bathroom was for a Master Bedroom Suite addition. This would additionally create more value with a fabulous bathroom in a Master Suite, another home buyer desire.

When considering building on your property, consider the option to build an additional unit. Granny units, secondary dwellings or rental units as they are called, offer that option. Possible locations could be building over your garage, on your property or in your back yard. Secondary dwelling construction is on the rise because the secondary unit is seen as a possible future home for either your parents or your spouses parents, should the need arise. Also given the current high price of San Luis Obispo land, building a granny unit with the idea for renting it out is an attractive option. The rent checks received could pay the family's property taxes that year or help with little Johnnie’s college tuition. In this economy every bit of cash helps. Also because of the small size of most secondary units, 350-850 sq.ft., many of the designs can be sustainable, using passive cooling and heating ideas, keeping utility costs low.

Build Smart

  • You have the option to use sustainable products in your remodel, Do it!
  • When replacing appliances or lighting, think ENERGY STAR for everything. Why not save money on utilities too.
  • Don’t use cheep building products! Cheep is no longer cheep when you have to fork up the money to replace it.
  • Consider working with a designer and contractor that is thinking Green. They can steer your project sustainably with no added cost.

Whether you are building to have more room or building an additional room, consider using The Eco Guru.

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Be Healthy!